Appx. 199? - March 6, 2011
Best damn son anyone
could ever ask for

There is no way I can sum up what Elvis meant to us. Especially to Aaron. Elvis wasn't like a son to us. He was our son. Even when I first came into the picture and the future was uncertain, Elvis knew. He slept right on the clothes I had on the floor, staking his claim. He was always there when we were upset and ready to join in when we were happy. We never had to worry about leaving him alone even though he hated it when we left him. All he ever wanted was to be near his parents.

His favorite foods were Mighty Dog (with gravy; please and thank you), chips with salsa and Twizzlers. He also loved getting the leftover milk from our cereal, so long as it wasn't chocolate. This helped keep him strong. His hobbies included airing out his balls in front of the air conditioner, chasing birds (he even caught one once!), getting brushed and sleeping nestled between his parents. Even if it meant sleeping with a leg on top of him. He never complained, just enjoyed the feeling of being near us. He hated peas (would literally eat around them and/or spit them out), having his toenails clipped and though he didn't like it he eventually got used to having his hair cut.

I'll never forget the day he walked across the back of the couch like a mountain goat or his puppy dream snorts that earned him the nickname "Pig". The way he could clean out a can of Mighty Dog without cutting his tongue, or the freaky night he stayed up crunching on cow ribs. He was a helluva trooper who'd been through a lot in his life. The love and joy that he brought into our lives can never be surpassed. He gave only love, and asked only for love in return. He will always be in our hearts.

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