Spring 1999 - June 8, 2016

Such a sweet, black-hearted hardass

I got Onyx when she was just a kitten out of a box on the side of the road; summer of '99.  She was the cutest little fluff ball.   When she was tiny I'd carry her around in my bathrobe pocket and she slept curled up around my neck.  As she got older she turned into a giant fluff ball who was perfectly content hating everyone except her momma.  Later that loving extended to her daddy and brother <a href="http://lizzysnewplace.yolasite.com/elvis.php" target="_blank">Elvis</a>.  She didn't much care for other people or animals, but never passed up a chance at loves from her people-parents.  

Onyx was a little hardass, never shy about trying to get her way.  Even if it meant walking with a distinct purpose towards the open front door, into the dryer or across her daddy's back.  She'd pull the empty water dish to the middle of the floor or knock her plate off of the counter to let you know how displeased she was.  She loved having her chin scratched and her belly rubbed, but her favorite was being picked up and carried around hugging her momma.  No matter how much her big, heavy fur broke her momma's back.  

Her daddy spoiled her, always giving her treats and belly rubs; he never forgot treats for her which she always scarfed down immediately.  She was very picky about wanting the fancy, expensive wet food, but never turned her nose up at daddy-treats.  He always made sure to let me know "Deadly loves you best", but she loved him, too.  Very much.  And we both love her very much.  

In later years she somehow managed to get both more ornery and more lovey.  Just like her brother her health and vitality held strong until the very end.  No matter what else was ever going on just one look into her bright, beautiful eyes and I knew that she loved me.  I was her favorite.  Her momma.  It doesn't even feel real that I'm never going to hear her scream for loving or feel her purring against my chest anymore.  I'm glad that I could be there for her, and that she was there for me.  For us.  

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